1920s Razzle Fancy Dress

1920's Razzle Fancy Dress

If you need help finding a costume for a 1920's themed fancy dress night Le Creuse Fancy Dress and Gifts is here to help. For the  men, gangster costumes where a prominate part of the 1920's and here you can find the perfect  suit, fedora and 1920's style moustache to complete your 1920s Fancy Dress Costume. 

Every 1920's gangster needs a 1920's gangster moll and there are plenty of costumes in this range, with hats in white, pink and red to give your fancy dress costume a personal touch. 

For those looking for a more girly costume, flapper dresses in various colours are also available.

Extendable cigarette holders and sequined headbands were all the rage in the 1920's and your costume wouldn't be complete with them.